• Pyramid of Success

    Pyramid of Success

    A returning customer wanted to create a motivational poster for his office. He really liked this pyramid graphic he...

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing

    This is a great representation of the design process we go through with our customers. With only the suggestion...

  • Shine Shirt

    Shine Shirt

    We were asked by the founders of Modern Muse to create a shirt graphic based solely on the infamous...

  • 7 Point Construction

    7 Point Construction

    This was a fun little project from a walk in client. They already had a logo, they just needed...

  • Company of Khanh

    Company of Khanh

    Khanh came to us like many of our customers do, by way of referal. She was looking to finally...

  • Kawagrimsley Wedding Invitations

    Kawagrimsley Wedding Invitations

    Simple and subtle, with an indigo color palate and flowers. This was the only direction I was given when...

  • PPM Deliverables Design

    PPM Deliverables Design

    Having already done a fair amount of print work for Precision Property Measurements, they came to us with a...

  • The Diamond Wedding

    The Diamond Wedding

    Long time friends Kevin and Ali came to us to design the invitation for their big day. Together we...

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